If you are interested in stablishing your own business kidswear, we suggest the following tips:

  • It is important to know about this business or somebody who knows about it and has experience. This is the way to avoid most of failures.

  • Choose among franchise, your own shop or a mixed system.

  • Financing: It is obviously the best a complete initial investment by the businessman to avoid variable loads from scratch. It will be necessary to calculate breakeven point to start getting benefits, whether or not investement it is needed of a financial entity.

  • The business premises: The location and distribution is one of the strong points to consider. Although it can be a ground level retail or shopping mall, should ensure there is good turnout to maximize the likelihood of purchase.

  • The showcase: Is an equally or more important than business premises. Lets you attract customer attentión into the store. It is the non-active seller.

  • Providers: The choice of suppliers supply and define your strategy in the store. The seriousness, commitment and quality are keys to choose the right supplier. Internet and fairs are the main sources of search.
  • Business Model (temporary).

  • Orders: They are usually twice a year when orders are placed, campaign Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter.

  • They are timely replenishments during the campaign to complete the offer, although we can not guarantee the stock if ordering has not been made in advanced.

  • When to buy? Orders typically take around 1 year and 6 months in advance. The previous season just ended and we have the latest information products that have worked best for you to repeat strategy.

  • Payment: At first usually paid in cash unless there is risk coverage, which each insurer requires their conditions. As is establishing a relationship with the provider payment method is flexible.

  • Clothing that does not sell: With the surplus of the campaign uses the familiar "Sales". Although the margin drops significantly, the goal is to empty the place to shop for the upcoming season.
  • Rol del representante:

  • The representative's role is primarily advisory. He must be your purchases advisory based on your store and your customers. He will be able to advise, explain and teach the offer he has got

  • Purchase can be made in your store or in your showroom. Where find it more convenient to both.

  • He will be your direct contact with the company and will be the person who will help you any doubt arises.
  • We invite you to meet us at the fair

  • If you want to know more about us you have the opportunity to attend the fairs, where we exhibit.
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