Tutto Piccolo Winter 16

Tutto Piccolo Winter 16

Tutto Piccolo Winter 16

AW16-17 trends

Autumn brings the chromatic changes of the forest through their colours and shades. Clouds of soft cotton and delicate wool envelop with their warmth the bright tones that they are reluctant to abandon the palette: pink peach and green with touches of pink copper. Mini geometric patterns, squares, mini stripes, dots in optical white, cream, sky blue and grey mist.

The changing colours of the autumn leaves on the trees are used to dye the warm palette this autumn in Tutto Piccolo: Burnt Orange, green leaf and brown bark.
Vivid hues and a nautical atmosphere of intense bright colours reinvented in red, mustard, gold and, ultramarine tartans.

The forest dresses for Halloween: gold, oranges and ochres like mushrooms that grow in the shade of the trees: This season fun pyjamas in brightest shades on delicate velvets and cottons.

Winter soft mauves, lilacs and, violets as the blueberries, blackberries, hazelnuts, chestnuts and acorns illuminate the winter clouds. A bluish-grey fog extends over the delicate wools and cottons weaving a loving mantle around it all. Flannels in black and white, felted wools in anthracite with vivid splashes of red in cheviot pattern.

A cabin door opens to a landscape that make our collection of Winter white, they are the tones of the first snows: white eskimo, snowflake white, ecru frost, pink ice, frosted sky and, gold in warm wool knits and delicate plushes.

The festive season brings red, maroon and purple in the berries of winter and the pomegranate. The deep blue of the feathers of the wings of a duck in a frozen lake. A landscape painted by firs, beeches, maples, elms, birches, ash and cherry trees, that invite to walk on deciduous floor of infinite shades in a forest full of magic: that of Tutto Piccolo.