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Tutto Piccolo Autumn – Winter 15

Tutto Piccolo Autumn – Winter 15

Tutto Piccolo Autumn – Winter 15


The days start getting shorter and the cold weather gets worse. The little noses turn red. But what does it matter? We like winter. We like to enjoy the cold or snow when we are wrapped in a warm  hug of beautiful padded parkas, classic little wool coats and fluffy quilted jackets. And we like to enjoy  open spaces and make fun of the thermometer with hats, gloves and knitting scarves.

And under outerwear, a Collection designed with care using comfy fabrics of Jacquard and cotton with velvety effect, warm flannel and viyellas fabrics. Plush and the best tweed cloth. And for a holiday, classy taffeta and guipure details.

That is our Winter 2015 Collection: A colourful and natural warmth challenge to face the coldest days. Pink, light blue, white and grey colours that stad out the ultimate tenderness of babies. For boys and girls, red and pink of different intensities (from pale pink and fuchsia to burgundy) and blue in several hues (from dark blue to denim) that mix to form tartan patterns. We also have green water and elegant combinations of orange with navy and ochre colours with indigo one. Other colours that will finish our Collection are dark greys and white, that give even more intensity to our idea. The designs for winter also include monochrome floral fine patterns and subtle tie rack drawings.

We like winter. Is it going to snow soon?

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