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Trends of Tutto Piccolo Spring Summer 17

Trends of Tutto Piccolo Spring Summer 17

Trends of Tutto Piccolo Spring Summer 17

Lulu prepares her luggage, she is about to start a fantastic trip that will take her to a dream destination.

The caravan is ready for heading to Provence. Luggage is full of floral dresses in cotton voiles, patterns in fresh oranges and greens. T-shirts, skirts and shorts in satin in cheerful tones.

Gaston accompanies her with his vespa. His suitcase is full of fresh polos in cotton and bermuda of all colours. They make himself feeling good-looking: greys with limes, reds, oranges and yellows.


The Norman land is the following destination. Landscapes as blue as the ocean, where lighthouses and sailboats are the motives of inspiration. Tutto Piccolo flagship, our well-known colours, our summer and most iconic tradition.

Our pastels that invade the more delicate designs on softer tissues. The most soft Knitted garments in the layette line with garments without seams, an ergonomic thought for the first weeks of life of our babies.


Amelie invites us to a picnic in Brittany, they will bring their pets and enjoy in the colourful atmosphere of the countryside. Fresh colours combine with red and blue, Vichy checks, a delicious line in homewear with fun vegetables. And the evening party with the macro pastel hounds tooth, cream tones, sapphire blue, and cyclamen pink, black and white.

But there is a place where everyone wants to travel in the summer: Saint Tropez. Nico takes her fishing net and jumps between the rocks looking for coloured fishes, crabs and sea urchins. The boldest shades of grey and fluoride coral are the main characters. Intense floral prints in turquoise, pink and, raspberry.


A summer trip where everybody is invited. Bon voyage!

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